The New MICE Trade show/Workshop for European/Worldwide suppliers

March 23rd, 2017 from 9am to 5pm

Brussels Expo–Hall 10

NEW Concept: back to business and to fundamentals in Brussels…

The “Global Mice Day” is a combination between a “targeted Mice trade show” and a “large exclusive Mice workshop” to be held on a single day in Brussels (*).

But why “Targeted” and “Exclusive”?

Targeted” because the “Global Mice Day” will be open ONLY to suppliers from Europe and worldwide or who as a minimum genuinely operate from offices in Brussels!

And this is obligatory: ONLY such suppliers will qualify as participants in this large one-day Mice workshop in Brussels…

Exclusive” also because the “Global Mice Day” is a one-day event for only 50 to 60 suppliers, between 600 and 800 trade visitors and between 50 and 70 Hosted Buyers from neighboring countries with pre-arranged appointments – which means an outstanding ratio of 1 supplier to 10 potential qualified Mice trade clients (please see below for more details)!

(*) Open to all companies and organizations, which provide services and products to the meetings & events industry – (Please see below).

WHEN will it be held?

The “Global Mice Day” will take place on Thursday March 23rd, 2017 at the « Brussels Expo » – Hall 10 – from 9am to 5pm – easy accessible by car, with a large parking adjacent, and by public transport (buses, trams and metro).

Four high-level conferences with international speakers renowned in their field will be held during this trade show/one-day Mice workshop: 2 reserved for International Associations and 2 for companies/corporates (each time one in the morning and afternoon for each type of planners).

The conferences will, of course, also be open to suppliers who wish to maintain contacts and continue to network with potential clients.

Moreover, to enable all suppliers to meet all B2B visitors during the course of the day and enable key buyers to meet with suppliers to discuss potential business for 2017 and beyond, we will provide a professional and relaxed environment in which to conduct business. To further strengthen this aspect, a mandatory visitor route will be organized…

And finally, for suppliers and in particular Mice trade visitors, 3 cafes run by caterer partners spread across the mandatory visitor route will be open continuously throughout the day for everyone (suppliers & planners) with:

  • Breakfast in the morning (coffee, tea, orange juice and croissants)

  • Lunchtime DRINKS with food/tapas

  • And to end the day, (at around 4.30pm), NETWORKING DRINKS & fingers food


WHO qualifies as an “European/Worldwide” supplier?

As already explained, the “Global Mice Day” exists for those who doesn’t apply neither to the Brussels, the Wallonia or the Flanders Mice Day but still are making/developing business or activities around the Mice sector:

  • Caterers

  • Congress centers

  • Hotels and hotel chains with room(s) for large meetings, large events and receptions (+/- 200 people)

  • Seminar centers with room(s) for large meetings, large events and receptions (+/- 100 people)

  • Venues

  • Incentive houses

And all MICE suppliers promoting their European/Worldwide destination for buyers going abroad from time to time to organize large meetings, congresses, conferences, large seminars, major events, receptions, etc. such as:

  • Airline and fast train companies

  • Audiovisual equipment suppliers

  • Agencies and intermediaries (PCO’s, DMC’s, AMC’s, etc.)

  • Logistical services

  • Trade publications

  • Trade Associations

  • Vehicle hire companies

  • Welcome services

  • Etc.

Suppliers will be able to demonstrate their expertise and present the services they offer to trade visitors from different backgrounds (companies/ corporates, (inter)national associations, private and public sector institutions, lobbyists and embassies, agencies and intermediaries, management assistants and many other key buyers based within the high-level business Mice market that’s Brussels-Capital Region and Belgium, responsible for placing orders for or organizing events everywhere (please see our communications plan below).


WHY this new concept or how to [RE]connect with your business contacts?

Firstly because we live in a period of financial constraints and budgets everywhere are being squeezed.

In fact, the vast majority of buyers are only aware of a small part of the diverse supply in Europe and worldwide and do not have time to visit those suppliers, for instance during the big trade shows organized in Europe.

Furthermore, you as supplier have undoubtedly found that it is increasingly difficult to register buyers to attend to your MICE events in Brussels.

The main reason is that their staff numbers have also been reduced in the current economic situation, with the result that most are too busy and have less time than in the past to attend events, workshops, business lunches, etc., in Brussels.

Moreover, buyers receive many invitations throughout the year to lunchtime and evening MICE events, from suppliers based or coming to Brussels, Belgium and abroad…

By attending to the “Global Mice Day”, you will:

  • Share costs as the individual supplier registration price is readily affordable (please see below)

  • Mutualize your energies

  • Reduce the time required to make so many business contacts in one day

  • Respond to their needs, issues and options for organizing their forthcoming meetings and events

  • Present the diverse supply available in Europe and worldwide to the extensive Mice buyers’ market on a single day at a single venue in Brussels…

That way you can give:

  • Numerous meeting & event planners the opportunity to discover the huge supply the European & Worlwide market has to offer

  • Meeting & event planners from other destinations the opportunity to come to your city, region or country to do business

  • Increase your Mice activities


WHO will attend?

As you know, Brussels/Belgium is one of the foremost European centers for MICE business thanks to the presence of the headquarters of many Belgian and foreign companies, the European Institutions and a very wide range of national and international organizations and associations, lobbyists, embassies, etc. – all big ”consumers” of the meetings and events industry.

The Buyers will include Decision Makers and Influential Personnel from MICE planners, Direct Corporate Clients, Associations, Venue Finders and Executive and Management Assistants all with global group requirements and full purchasing authority, in highly influential positions in the organization of meetings and events in Europe and worldwide.

The “Global Mice Day” has, therefore, been designed to enable you to establish face-to-face contacts with people likely to take or influence purchasing decisions on conferences, congresses, seminars, receptions, training courses, team building programmes, events, business trips and meetings of all kinds to be held also abroad.

This is, therefore, a unique opportunity for European and worldwide suppliers or those who, as a minimum, genuinely operate from offices in Brussels, to meet, present, network and transact business directly with pre-qualified Brussels/Belgian/European/International MICE Buyers on a single day in Brussels…



To ensure that the 2017 “Global Mice Day” is attended by between 600 and 800 planners, decision makers and people who make or influence final decisions relating to the Meetings and Events Industry, Meetaxis (the organizer) will implement the following communications plan:

  1. Use of the “Meetaxis Meeting Planners Relationship DB”, which currently contains details of 4,800 planners from corporates and associations, agencies and intermediaries based in Brussels and Belgium, and is checked and updated on a regular basis

  2. Direct marketing throughout Belgium by post, email and telephone follow-up, by using our own Db’s as well as many other ones qualified in our sector

  3. Communication on social networks (mainly LinkedIn and Twitter)

  4. Advertisements and banners in “Meetings & Events Industry” trade magazines and websites

  5. Articles and press releases on “Global Mice Day” news, its programme, participants, reasons for taking part, etc.

  6. Invitations from suppliers to their contacts and prospects among planners based in Brussels and Belgium, ensuring that they participate in the expansion of their business by acting as their ambassadors

  7. Organization of a “Hosted Buyers Programme” with the objective of welcoming to this first “Global Mice Daybetween 50 and 70 top planners from neighboring countries within 300 km of Brussels, arriving, for example, by high-speed train from London, Lille, Paris, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, etc. and staying overnight in order to attend pre-arranged “Global Mice Day” appointments on the following day.

To guarantee the quality of the participants, a maximum of 3 Hosted Buyers (qualified jointly by you and Meetaxis) will be invited by each supplier in return for a direct financial bonus – please see a description of the bonus system below…

The strategy for 2017 will be to create excitement through a call to action to help managing the process as well as ongoing oversight as a guarantee for responsiveness and results.



By sharing costs and mutualizing your energies, you can attend the “Global Mice Day” tradeshow/workshop at a cost of 1,490.00 euros (+ vat if applicable) per supplier and 250.00 euros (+vat if applicable) for a second participant from the same company (not another supplier!).

For this, each supplier will receive the following products and services:

  1. You will have a dedicated table with a board showing your name and 4-colour logo (+ putting your own company roll up behind you) arranged in the mandatory visitor route + 2 or 3 chairs.

  2. You will have a unique opportunity to meet, network and transact business with between 600 and 800 top planners and between 50 and 70 Foreign Hosted Buyers over a single day in Brussels.

  3. All-inclusive rate for suppliers who only have to attend and present their products and services.

  4. Many networking and business opportunities to increase your sales and ROI during the day.

  5. All included with F & B provided in 3 cafes run by caterer partners spread across the mandatory visitor route and open continuously throughout the day for everyone.

  6. Your 4-colour logo, details and a brief description of your company will be included in the Show Catalogue given to each buyer at the entrance.

  7. You will receive full business buyer profiles some 10 days after the “Global Mice Day” trade show/workshop in order to enable professional follow up.


As explained above in order to welcome between 50 and 70 top planners from neighboring countries within 300 km of Brussels, each supplier is invited to qualify a maximum of 3 foreign hosted buyers (you will have almost one year to find them!) in return for a direct financial bonus as follows:

  1. For the attendance of 1 foreign hosted buyer at the “Global Mice Day” workshop with pre-arranged appointments, you will receive a direct discount of 100.00 euros on the total cost

  2. For the attendance of 2 foreign hosted buyers at the “Global Mice Day” workshop with pre-arranged appointments, you will receive a direct discount of 200.00 euros on the total cost

  3. For the attendance of 3 foreign hosted buyersr at the “Global Mice Day” workshop with pre-arranged appointments, you will receive a direct discount of 300.00 euros on the total cost


HOW TO REGISTER AS A “Global” supplier?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network and transact business with high level corporate and association meetings and events buyers and all other types of planners in one of the foremost European centers for MICE, Brussels-Capital Region and Belgium!

To register, it’s very easy: please just download

1) the Registration Advantages before November 30th, 2016

2) the Communication Plan

3) the Order form to be completed and signed to attend as supplier to the « Global Mice Day » trade show/workshop in Brussels in 2017 and send return it back to us by e-mail to

You can also download the “Global Mice Day” overview brochure.

Registrations received before November 30th, 2016 will be entitled to significant additional benefits: for instance nothing to pay before January 2017 and much more advantages… (please see the attachment).

So do not delay and register as soon as possible …

As reminder, do not forget that the number of suppliers who will be accepted to attend the “Global Mice Day” trade show/workshop is limited.  So we will proceed on a “first arrived, first served” basis …

(**) As the “Global Mice Day” tradeshow/workshop is intended only for suppliers from Europe and worldwide or who as a minimum genuinely operate from offices in Brussels, the organizer Meetaxis reserves the right to accept or to refuse any subscription or participation request. Likewise, the organizer may at any time cancel a request previously accepted. The refusal or cancellation of a subscription request shall not give rise to the payment of any compensation other than full reimbursement of invoice(s) paid.



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